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“To transform students into resourceful professionals and socially conscious individuals, thus paving a way for their bright future and laying the foundations for a conscientious society”.

  • To make quality education affordable and accessible to the youth in the district of Mandya.

  • To provide an innovative educational environment that nurtures minds, offers opportunities and experiences that enable individuals and communities in the region to grow, thrive and prosper.

Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor's degree in Commerce at SD Jayaram Institute aims to equip its students with in-depth knowledge in areas of financial and management accounting, commercial law, economics, finance, business information systems, management, marketing, international business, and corporate sustainability. The program allows the students the flexibility to pick one or more areas of their choice. It is a three-year course where the students acquire the skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of a changing business environment, develop the ability to critically analyze emerging business issues, and gain exposure to scholarly research in the national and global business arena. With the academic and professional competencies achieved through the course, the students will be well-prepared for both a challenging business career and higher studies, whichever they choose.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of a Bachelor of Commerce, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate clear knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of the subjects/majors studied.

  2. Practically apply the theoretical and technical business knowledge, skills and research techniques relevant to the major(s) studied.

  3. Exercise critical thinking and reasoning in the analysis of business problems within the purview of the major(s) studied.

  4. Communicate business analyses to stakeholders in a clear, effective, appropriate and ethical manner.

  5. Integrate the best judgment within the purview of the major(s) studied, to implement and evaluate business solutions.

Bachelor of Social Work

Social Work is not merely a profession; it is more of an avocation as social workers bear an impact on some of the most pressing issues of our society. Acknowledging this fact, the Bachelor's program in Social Work at SD Jayaram Institute is designed to impart the skills and knowledge that a student would require while one begins one’s career as a social worker. Emphasizing on the concept of social justice, the BSW curriculum prepares students to lead and support the agendas of social justice action.

Our BSW coursework is diverse in terms of its components and includes an array of topics ranging from interviewing processes and human behavior to subs tance abuse to under s tanding urban environments. The students will also discover the legal aspects of Social Work and explore the boundaries and ethics of the profession.

Additionally, the program intends to provide the necessary insights that come handy when one ventures into working with children, families, and individuals who may be facing the most critical crises of their lives.

Over the period of three years, the students will be able to develop the community resources that individuals and families rely on to live their lives with dignity and progress; think critically; engage in reflective practice; and apply Social Work knowledge, values and skills as a general practitioner. The students shall also be equipped with the capacity to utilize the evaluative method, to assess effectiveness, and research knowledge to continually improve their professional practice.


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